Kaltura - Resolved Issues (UW-Madison)

This document includes a list of previous issues with Kaltura that have since been resolved.

    Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQs) do not display "Your Answer" and "Correct Answer"

    When a viewer reviews their answers to a video quiz, the IVQ doesn't display which questions the student got correct or incorrect, and the fields "Your Answer" and "Correct Answer" are always blank. The student can also not see the "Hint" or "Why" text if it was provided


    As of 9/21/2017, the issue has been resolved.

    Video Quizzes Do Not Work in Channel Playlists

    When a viewer interacts with a video quiz in a channel playlist they are greeted with an error message. The error message is: "An error occurred, please refresh your browser and try again. If the error persists please contact your administrator." This message is displayed when the viewer clicks Continue after selecting a response.


    This issue is resolved as of 9/21/2018.

    Previewing Embedded Kaltura Media and Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQ) using Canvas's "Student View" Function Does Not Work

    When an instructor uses the "Student View" function in Canvas to view a Page or Quiz with Kaltura media embedded using the Kaltura-->Canvas integration the instructor is presented with the message "Access Denied" or a blank space where the media should be.

    The Kaltura-Canvas integration refers to inserting media in a Canvas Page using the starburst Kaltura icon (Kaltura starburst icon)in the rich text editor. Even though the instructor can't see the media using the "Student View" function the students will still be able to see the media. This will happens with media that is embedded using the Kaltura-Canvas integration outlined in Canvas - How to Embed Kaltura Media in Canvas (UW-Madison) .


    As of 08/27/2018, this issue has been resolved.

    Canvas - Authorizing Repeatedly

    When accessing the Media Gallery and My Media, you are required to authorize every time you visit the page.


    For a demonstration of this issue, please see the animated GIF below:



    As of 07/1/2017, this issue is resolved.

    Kaltura MediaSpace "My Media" embed does not show video chapter markers in videos in Learn@UW

    If you insert chapter markers into a video from Kaltura MediaSpace the chapter markers do not appear when inserting a video into content using the "My Media" feature in Learn@UW.


    Resolved for new media as of 9/14/2016, but may still be an issue for older media. The "My Media" feature in Learn@UW is currently unusable.


    If you would like to have the chapter markers appear in videos you are using in Learn@UW, you can: 

    Analytics not populating in .csv document

    When using the "Export to CSV" function in analytics for quiz questions, the data does not populate the document.


    As of 9/14/2016 this issue has been resolved. 

    Kaltura Mediaspace "Share" button does not appear for any Interactive Video Quizzes


    This issue has been resolved.

    Kaltura MediaSpace Player download button no longer works

    As of 12/9/2015, the vendor has fixed this issue. The player-based download button should now be working.

    Screen Recorder no longer works in Chrome

    The Screen Recorder tool has been deactivated and replaced with CaptureSpace.

    Webcam recorder produces bad audio

    The webcam recorder has been deactivated and replaced by CaptureSpace.

    Cannot embed video presentations

    The Video Presentation media type has been disabled. The Timeline tool is now recommended instead.

    Private media items and Microsoft Products

    Users report issues with all versions of PowerPoint (OS X and Windows). Users are placing links to media items in Microsoft products. When users click this link their web browsers never open the media. On OS X they see an error message. On Windows, they get stuck at a login page. This only affects media that is set to "Private".

    This issue only affects Microsoft products 2007 or earlier - you can fix it by updating to the newest version of Microsoft Office. This is a known issue with older Microsoft products. You can read more information about it here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/899927.

    See Also:

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