Kaltura - Known Issue - Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQs) do not display "Your Answer" and "Correct Answer" (UW-Madison)

As of 7/24/17 Learn@UW Madison does not recommend instructors use Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQs) due to a number of issues outlined in this document.

When a viewer reviews their answers to a video quiz, the IVQ doesn't display which questions the student got correct or incorrect, and the fields "Your Answer" and "Correct Answer" are always blank. The student can also not see the “Hint” or “Why” text if it was provided.

Example of the IVQ error


Originally this was reported to only affect video quizzes that were embedded in Canvas via the Kaltura/Canvas integration. As of 7/24/17 Learn@UW has also started to receive reports of students not seeing feedback for IVQs viewed in Kaltura MediaSpace.


As of 08/1/2017, the issue is still present. The bug has been reported to Learn@UW Utility and Kaltura and is being investigated. On 8/1/17 Learn@UW Madison disabled using new IVQs as Canvas assignments or embedding using them in Canvas using the Kaltura/Canvas integration.


At this point there is no known workaround for students who don't see the correct answer or feedback. Students can try loading the IVQs when they are not logged into Kaltura MediaSpace but this has the downside of not recording their answers in the IVQ's analytics. Because of this Learn@UW is currently not recommending use of IVQs. If you do use IVQs we recommend that you also include an answer key as a Word or Google Doc for those students who can not see the IVQ feedback.

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