D2L - Creating Dropbox Folders (UW-Madison)


UW-Madison is adopting Canvas as the single, centrally supported learning management system, and discontinuing support for Desire2Learn (D2L) and Moodle. Access to D2L and Moodle will permanently end June 1, 2018. For information about retaining materials from D2L or Moodle, please refer to this document.

Students can submit assignments in D2L using the dropbox. Dropbox folders are where students submit assignments. You can set up dropbox folders for each of your assignments and set start dates, end dates, and release conditions; and set up special accesss.

  1. Start by clicking on the Assignments drop-down menu in the navigation bar, and then Dropbox.
  2. Click on newfolder1.jpg.
  3. New folder properties page

  4. Under Properties tab, you must give your dropbox a Name.
  5. Choose a Folder Type:
    • Indiviual submission folder: Select this option if you want each student to submit their own assignment. 
    • Group submission folder: Select this option if you want one assignment submitted per group. You must associate the folder with a group category. NOTE: Group dropbox areas are marked on the Folder List page with the groupsicon.gif Group Submissions for icon. Any group member can submit and view files for a group dropbox.

  6. If you wish, you may create a dropbox Category to group dropboxes together.
  7. In order to grade directly from the dropbox you must either add the correct Grade item from the Grade Item dropdown, or click New Grade Item to add an item to the gradebook.
  8. If this is a graded assignment enter the Out Of grade.
  9. You many use a Default Scoring Rubric to generate a score for each student as they submit the dropbox assignment. This setting only applies when a score is recorded for the folder and multiple points based rubrics are used for evaluation.
  10. In the Instructions field you may add instructions for the assignment, and set time restrictions on when assignments can be uploaded.
  11. Attach files or record audio that you want to make available to users from the dropbox folder (for example, a sample lab report or musical recording for students to transcribe).
      • To attach a file, click Add a File, then choose the file to add. Click Upload to attach the file.
      • To record audio to attach, click Record Audio. Click the Record Button to begin recording, then click Pause when finished. Click Add to attach the audio file.
  12. Select the submission options you want. 
  13. Under the Restrictions tab, you can choose dates to restrict when the dropbox starts, ends, and is due. You can also attach release conditions or designate special access.
    • Due Date: Creates a soft deadline that files for this dropbox should be turned in by. This will not effect a student's ability to submit to the dropbox, but it will trigger a flag for the instructor when viewing submissions if the file was submitted past the Due Date.
    • End Date: Creates a hard deadline that this file needs to be turned in by. Once this date has passed, the dropbox will appear as, "closed" to students and they will not be able to submit files.
  14. For more information about the Objectives tab, please see D2L - Activities, Objectives, and Competencies (UW-Madison)
  15. When done, click Save and Close.

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