CAE Account: Types of Accounts

The various types of CAE accounts one can request

CAE accounts are granted to the numerous people affiliated with the UW-Madison College of Engineering. The bulk of these are granted automatically to anyone enrolling in an Engineering class for the current semester (Student accounts), or who is on payroll within the College of Engineering (Staff, Faculty, or Student Staff accounts). 

You can activate your account following the newuser procedure in this article. You must already have your UW photo ID (Wiscard) and either be enrolled or in the payroll database in order to run newuser. Do note, CAE's user database automatically updates to reflect campus records at 8:30am every Monday through Friday, so if your enrollment or appointment has not been processed before 8:30 on a given day, you'll need to wait until the next weekday morning (see below for exceptions).

In the event that you require an unusual type of account or there is an urgent need that can't wait for payroll or enrollment processing, CoE staff and faculty can contact CAE to request an account. CAE offers a variety of account types, with different permissions and access to resources. Most can be requested via the CAE My Account webpage under the Account Management subsection. If you can't find a type of account that meets your needs, please contact the CAE Helpdesk for assistance.

The various types of accounts are:

There are also a number of CAE-specific account types, including CAE Consulting Staff (Helpdesk), CAE Unix (student) Staff, CAE Windows (student)Staff, CAE Hardware (student) Staff, and CAE Permanent Staff (any salaried staff).

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