Engage - Reading eTexts on Engage [UW-Madison]

This document outlines how an instructor or student can access eTexts in Engage.

While the Canvas mobile app for iOS and Android does work, we strongly recommend you use Engage with Firefox or Chrome in order to access all its features. The RedShelf mobile app is not compatible with our institution’s eReader, and eTexts cannot be added to Kindle, Nook, or other physical devices.


How can I open an eText on the Engage platform?

  1. Login to Canvas at: canvas.wisc.edu
  2. Select the Canvas course that is using an Engage eText.
  3. Select the Engage eText link in your course menu:

    Engage eText Canvas course link

    The link to the Engage eText tool may appear in a different location in your Canvas menu - for example further down the list.

  4. A new browser tab should open with Engage. If it does not, you may need to click the purple Launch Unizin Engage button that displays in Canvas:

    Click the purple "Launch Unizin Engage" button

We do not recommend that users bookmark the Engage eText directly as it is likely you will experience the issue described in Engage - Known Issue - Engage displays error message when attempting to access eText [UW-Madison]. Instead, login to Canvas as described above to access the course and Engage via the Engage eText course menu option.

How do I use the eReader?

Unizin provides an overview of the eReader Layout here. They also have an eReader User Guide here.

There are other functions available as well, such as: 

Note: A list of recommended and required hardware and software can be found here. To check on the status of Engage and the eReader, you can review Unizin’s status page or RedShelf’s.

There are two types of eText files - PDF and EPUB. While the EPUB file will load by default if available, it’s possible some publishers will only provide PDF versions. Not all publishers add page numbers or interactive elements, such as live URLs, to their EPUBs, though more publishers are taking advantage of these features.

PDFs (and some EPUBs) are provided in a “fixed format” - this means the arrows on either side of the eReader will navigate between pages. Most EPUBs are “free-flowing,” which means the arrows will navigate between sections while scrolling down will navigate the pages within the section.

There is not currently a way to determine in the bookshelf which file or experience is being received.

Getting Support for eText Issues

For support questions about Engage, please contact the DoIT Help Desk:

If Help Desk staff are unable to resolve your issue, they will escalate your issue to the appropriate consultants. Instructors can also be given access to a Canvas course which will include additional helpful information.

If you are using publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs) like Pearson Mastering Physics and MyLab or Cengage MindTap, support is provided directly from the publisher. More information on where to get DLT support is available in this KB doc.

There are some functions in the Engage eReader that are not accessible to students with disabilities. If you would like further assistance, please contact the DoIT Help Desk or McBurney Disability Resource Center.

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