Amazon's Pick-up Site in Sellery Hall

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No email for specific site, use Amazon customer service live chat: link here

No phone number for specific site
1 (888)-280-4331 --Amazon customer service phone
(608)-262-1076 -- Sellery phone number

Monday-Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sellery Hall
801 W Johnson St
Madison, WI 53706

Amazon Hub Locker+ allows you to choose a nearby Amazon Locker+ location as a shipping destination for your orders. The Amazon Hub Locker+ customer experience today is primarily a ‘buy online, pick up in store’ model that offers fast, safe and convenient pickup on millions of items. Instead of having a package delivered to your home or business address, you can select a Locker+ location and pick up your package at a time that's convenient for you.
All Amazon Locker+ locations offer:
  • FREE Package Pickup
  • FREE Return Drop off (boxes and packing materials are provided onsite)
  • Amazon Associate available for questions or assistance
  • Self-service Kiosk

Common Questions about Amazon Pickup

Question: “What does this place do?”

Answer: The Amazon pickup point provides three extensions of our customer service obsession. First, we provide a faster, safer, means of taking package deliver. Amazon Prime customers will have most packages that are Prime items (and this will be dependent as we wrap up logistics) arrive the next day if ordered before noon. These are the same items that usual Prime members would get in two days. We also provide a completely secure environment for those orders. When a customer is ready to pick up an order; they hit the “Get Pickup Code” from their email and the items will be ready in a locker within 2 minutes. They use the code that pops up on their phone to open a locker and they are good to go. We also provide free returns at the site; anything that can be shipped to the site, can be returned there. A customer can literally come in with just their item, log into the kiosks, print a return label, and drop it in our return drop off. Finally, the building is physically staffed by Amazon associates that can help with customer service needs that cannot always be accurately described over the phone or email.

Question: “What if I don’t have a Prime membership?”

Answer: The only benefit that our non-prime members do not receive is the accelerated ship speed. The secure lockers, returns, and customer points of contact are a completely free service our site provides. We will always describe the benefits of the prime membership, but will provide no pressure or external incentive to do so. We want to take care of our customers no matter how frequently they choose to shop with us.

Question: “What is eligible to be shipped to the site?”

Answer: Any Amazon Prime item that is fulfilled by Amazon is eligible to be shipped. This means that third party items that use Amazon as a marketplace window will not be eligible for shipping, pickup, or returns. There are also size constraints based on what we can store due to space limitations. Anything larger than an ottoman will not be eligible. The student/parent will not have to guess what can be delivered as it will be marked on their order page. This also applies to returns. If an item is not eligible to be returned at the site, it will indicate it when a customer begins a return.

Question: “Do I have to pick it up right away?”

Answer: Nope! We will hold a package after delivery for 15 days. If not picked up, we will process it as a return on the account and send it back to Amazon.

Question: “What are the store hours?” 

Answer: Typical pickup point hours are 9am-8pm Monday through Saturday and 9am-6pm on Sunday. However, we will occasionally change those hours if it serves our student population better.

Question: “Campus is busy! Where should I park?”

Answer: Amazon customers have two parking spots directly in front of our site entrance to be used for package pickup and returns. We will regularly tow violators to ensure no one is paying to use our services.

Question: “I don’t need something right away. What is the benefit of the site?”

Answer: Occasionally during peak delivery season, even the best run mailrooms get overtaxed. This can lead to missing or misplaced packages. Our operation is set up with the sole intent of keeping an organized system for Amazon deliveries. You can be confident that if you have an email that we have your package; then we can get it in your hands in two minutes or less.

Question: “I am upset and I cannot find a phone number for the site.”

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not use typical phone services for our site. The reason behind this is that we very quickly become a customer service hub for the entire company when access to our number is given. Due to the slim staffing nature of our building, it would be a large detriment to our customers to look up package ids and tracking information for customers that are not directly utilizing our site. However, our customer service department at Amazon sets a global standard for excellence and can solve any issues you may have.

Question: “Are you hiring?”

Answer: We typically do seasonal hiring before students come back to school (Normally August and January) for our peak season. However we can always accept applications online at

Question: How do I add the site to our potential mailing lists?

Answer: By using your Amazon applications and camera icon, you can add the site by taking an image of any of our Amazon Madison items in store. However, you can manually add the address by going to (this site is not currently functional as it will be activated at Midnight the day of grand opening).