Telecommuting Policy

This document describes the International Division telecommuting policy.

International Division Telecommuting Policy

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The UW-Madison campus developed a new policy on telecommuting in 2005.  As noted when this policy was first distributed in May 2006, it was not the intent of this policy to either limit or expand telecommuting utilization on campus.  The policy can be found here:

All requests for telecommuting should be reviewed carefully as telecommuting is a prerogative of the University, not an entitlement of employees. All telecommuting requests must be approved by the employee’s supervisor, unit director (when applicable) and the Dean’s office. The operational needs of the unit must be carefully considered in the review. If a supervisor approves an employee’s telecommuting request, the Telecommuting Agreement Form (TAF) must be completed and signed by the supervisor and unit director (when applicable) before being submitted to the Dean’s office for final approval. The TAF must also include an explanation of the work being performed off-campus, an indication of how the supervisor will measure or assess this work, and how the employee will maintain contact with the individuals they have contact with in their position.

As a guideline, the Dean’s office discourages telecommuting arrangements of more than 20% of an employee’s appointment. Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

An employee is not authorized to begin telecommuting until the request has been approved by the Dean’s office.

As the result of an approved telecommuting agreement, employees are responsible for any costs. This is true regardless of the funding sources (e.g. state, federal, gift, foundation) and includes the costs for computer equipment, software, supplies, internet connection, etc.

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