Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Downloading Session Recordings

If the moderator has enabled the Allow recording downloads option in their session(s), users will be able to download recordings from the same place you view the recordings as well as on the recording playback page. This can be done before or after the session, as need dictates.

The Moderator of the session (i.e., whoever can edit the session settings) needs to select the option to “Allow recording downloads.”


Once done, the session Moderator will be able to select the option titled “Download Recording” from the menu – either when viewing the recording in a player or on the page that presents a list of session recordings.



Important: A session Moderator can make the download available for their use and then remove the function if s/he does not want others, who may have the link to the recording, to be able to download the MP4 formatted file. It isn't possible to restrict the ability to download for Moderators only.

Note: MP4 files contain the Audio, Whiteboard and Application Sharing content. All other information (including Chat, Polling, emoticon feedback, Web Tour, Video and Multimedia content) will not be retained in the converted MP4 format. The original, native Collaborate Ultra recording  should be viewed to see this content.

More information about recordings is available from the vendor.