Mainframe - Logging In/Out

This document describes various methods of accessing the mainframe transactions.

This document is divided into the following sections:

Most people access the mainframe using a 3270 emulator such as "QWS3270 Secure for Windows". It should be available from the program list or as a desktop icon. If you do not have an emulator available to you, please see Mainframe - Installing and configuring QWS3270 Secure for Windows

Once the program has been started, a screen should be displayed which offers selections to access various mainframe services.

On this screen, there are two ways to access mainframe IMS transactions. Either via TPX or via ADMIN


Using TPX

Logging In

  1. Press F2 to select TPX.
  2. Enter your mainframe 3-character logon in the Userid field and
    Enter your password in the Password field


  3. Once you successfully log in to TPX, you will get a screen similar to this:


  4. Press F3 to log on to IMSVS.
  5. Once you are connected to IMSVS, you will get a screen similar to the one below. It includes a list of all mainframe transactions you are authorized to use. Your transactions will differ from those shown in this screenshot.


  6. Once you enter the transaction you wish to use, follow the directions for that transaction.
  7. To find out what transactions you are authorized for, enter AVAL or AVAL Z.
    • AVAL will show the transaction names, and will have * next to any unavailable transactions.
    • AVAL Z will show the transactions along with a description.
  8. When you are finished using IMSVS, press F5 to sign out. You should then see the following screen.

    NOTE: This will only work if you are not in a transaction currently. See standard transaction commands for information on how to exit a running transaction.


Logging Out

  1. If you are finished using the mainframe at this point, press F3 to go back to the TPX screen.
  2. Then to finish logging off, enter k (for kill) at the command prompt.
  3. Finally, close the 3270 emulator window.


  • NOTE:. This approach is supported; however, there are differences between ADMIN and TPX. If transactions are not accessible, or are not working properly using ADMIN, try using IMSVS under TPX. All transactions are tested and known to work under IMSVS.
  • Under ADMIN, you can page through multiple-screen messages using enter, instead of PA1.
  • If you page too far, there is a message with directions on how to proceed.
  • The initial page after selecting ADMIN describes several other differences between ADMIN and IMSVS.

Logging In

  1. Press F6 to select ADMIN.
  2. Press Enter to go to the login screen.

    Admin Info Page

  3. Enter your mainframe 3-character logon in the logonid field and
    Enter your password in the password field, then press Enter.

    ADMIN Login Page

  4. You are now logged in, and can use AVAL or AVAL Z to see your authorized transactions.

Logging Out

  1. Exit out of any running transactions. This is typically done by pressing F11, but may be different for specific transactions.
  2. Once you are at the enter transaction prompt, type "LOGOFF" to log out.

    Enter Transaction Prompt

  3. This should take you back to the first menu, with the message "==>Session ADMIN  has ended<=="
  4. You can now safely close the QWS3270 application.

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