UWNet - Device Incompatibility List

A list of devices that will not function correctly on UWNet.

UWNet Network
NOTE:The information in this document only applies to the UWNet SSID. If connection still fails in the residence halls after troubleshooting, purchasing a personal router or connecting to the wired Ethernet jack in the room will provide connectivity.


UWNet is a public WiFi network. As with any public WiFi network, some devices that utilize specific features on a WiFi network will not work on UWNet. Specifically, UWNet blocks 'IP Multicast', this will cause some devices that utilize IP Multicast to not be able to connect at all, while others are able to maintain connection with limited functionality. Although some devices may be able to maintain connectivity, some features may not work while others will not work correctly or at all..

The first list contains devices that will not work under UWNet, while the second list contains devices that partially work under UWNet i.e. certain features will be unavailable.

Known Incompatible Devices

  1. Nintendo DS

  2. Wireless Printers

  3. Google Chromecast

  4. Amazon FireStick

  5. Roku stick

  6. AppleTV

  7. Smart home devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc

  8. Some SmartTVs, especially those with a Cast feature.

    Note: It is hard to predict which specific models will connect due to the abundance of TV models. If unsure, ask the manufacturer if the device has 'IP Multicast'. Some Smart TVs will connect and just have limited Cast features, while others will not connect to UWNet at all.

  9. Any device that is not able to be registered using a web browser. Users with a UW Madison NetID can attempt to connect by registering the device as shown here: UWNet - Register a Device Without a Browser or Pre-registering a Device Before Arriving to Campus

Devices That May Experience Connectivity Issues

The following devices may be able to connect to UWNet and use the internet in some cases, but the features of the device may be limited (such as online gaming/voice chat).

  1. Nintendo Wii

  2. Nintendo Switch

  3. PlayStation 4

  4. Any device that has a 'Cast' feature

Note For UW Housing Residents:

Residents of the UW-Madison Residence Halls are able to connect devices that are not compatible with UWNet by connecting to a personal wireless router and therefore a private local network. When connected to a personal router, you should be able to use your devices normally, however, certain features may not work. Features such as P2P gaming or voice chatting may still not function correctly.

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