Communications Committee Minutes 10-18-17

Academic Staff Communications Committee
1:30-2:30 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017
3226 Law School

2017-2018 ASCC Members: Matthew Call; Jennifer Garrett; Yael Gen; Emily Kite; Jan Klawitter; Robyn Perrin; Nicholas Schmuhl; Diane Stojanovich; Lori Wilson

Members Present: Matthew Call; Emily Kite; Jan Klawitter; Robyn Perrin; Lori Wilson

1.    Election of Chair for ’17-18 (continued)
•    Committee took no action on this topic.

2.    Review of lingering questions
•    Email newsletter
      i.    Committee discussed send date, committee assignments for Fall newsletter.
•    Website
      i.    Committee discussed possibility of housing newsletter content on Academic Staff website.

3.    Academic Staff email newsletter Fall 2017 working session
•    Content review
      i.    Committee discussed Fall newsletter: articles to include, committees contacted for content.

4.    Other business
•    Committee discussed next meetings dates.

5.    Adjourned