Windows 10 Upgrade FAQ (UWC/EX)

This document covers frequently asked questions regarding the upgrade of UWC/EX workstations from Windows 10 to Windows 7.

Why did my upgrade fail?

If your Windows 10 upgrade fails almost immediately a common reason is low hard drive space. The Windows 10 upgrade will fail if your C: drive has less than 25GB of free space. You will see the following error:

Upgrade Fail

If you require assistance with making more space available on your C: drive, please contact CITS Client Services.

When I opened a Microsoft Office program why did I get a first-time setup wizard?

The Windows 10 upgrade changes operating system files. The first time you open a Microsoft Office product (Outlook, Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Word) the Office suite will go through a short re-configuration to adjust to the new operating system. Once it completes your Office program should function normally.

My Microsoft Office is showing as an evaluation version or reporting it doesn’t have a valid license after the upgrade. Where do I find the license?

The system file changes that occur as part of the upgrade will normally cause Windows and Microsoft Office to revalidate their licenses. This should occur automatically however in some cases faculty and staff have reported their Windows or Microsoft Office are not showing as correctly licensed after the upgrade. Rebooting the computer should resolve the issue.

Why did my default browser change?

The Windows 10 upgrade uses a process created by Microsoft to move a computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The logic built in to this process sets the new default browser to Microsoft Edge. To change your default browser back to your preferred program please reference this article:

Windows 10 - Changing the Default Browser

Why are my desktop icons all out of order?

The unique arrangement of your desktop icons is not carried forward by the Windows 10 upgrade process. All your icons should be present, but they will be arranged in standard alphabetical order. You should be able to rearrange them as you see fit in Windows 10.

Why doesn’t my computer have the latest version of Microsoft Office after the upgrade?

The Windows 10 upgrade will only upgrade the operating system, it does not make changes to any of the programs installed on your computer. If your computer was running Microsoft Office 2013 before the upgrade, it will still be running Office 2013 when the Windows 10 upgrade completes.

Windows 10 is reporting my Windows firewall is disabled or off. Should I be concerned?

The Windows firewall is a security feature on your computer that is centrally managed. You do not need to make any changes to the Windows firewall and any Windows 10 notifications you see concerning the Windows firewall can be safely ignored.

My dual monitors are not working after the upgrade. How do I fix this?

Some display adapters are not fully compatible with Windows 10. If you find after the upgrade that only one monitor displays, or they both display but only mirror images of each other please contact CITS Client Services and they will schedule time with a technician to address the issue.

Why doesn’t Windows Media Player play DVDs

Microsoft has removed DVD play functionality from the Windows Media Player and added a pay-for DVD player App. Central IT has provided access to a free media player called VLC Media Player. By following these instructions:

You can download and install the VLC Media Player from Software Center.

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