UW-Madison Box - Preserve your data

Audience: Individuals selected for service-based deactivation.

If you are leaving the University and need to preserve your data and collaborations, you are encouraged to classify your data into two categories:

Data type:
  • Personal

  • University

Note: If you are a researcher, please refer to the policy on data stewardship, access, and retention for guidance on how to manage research data.

Preserve personal data

  1. Move files to a personal Box account

    You can easily move your personal UW-Madison data to a non-UW-Madison account.

    Please note, you will need to create a personal Box account before moving files to a non-UW-Madison Box account. Free personal Box accounts are available with up to 10GB of storage.

    Learn more:

    Create a personal Box account

    Transfer folder ownership

  2. Download folders/files
  3. If you prefer not to continue to use Box, you can download personal files/folders to your computer and upload them to a preferred cloud storage service or storage device.

    Learn how to download multiple folders/files

Transfer ownership of University data

  1. Move files to Project Directories. (recommended)
  2. Learn more about project Directories

  3. Transfer ownership to another UW-Madison Faculty/Staff/Student Box account.
  4. Learn how to transfer folder ownership of University data

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