MFA-Duo - Adding Additional or Backup Devices

This document will explain how to add additional devices for UW-Madison Duo Multi-factor Authentication once you have registered a primary device.

Adding another device:

  1. Navigate to the Duo Device Management Portal at Authenticate with your UW-Madison NetID and Password. You will also be asked to approve the login through your existing multi-factor authentication devices.

  2. Click Add Another Device.


  3. Follow the instructions specific to the device type you would like to add.

    1. Select Mobile Phone then press Continue.


    2. Enter the phone number of the device. Next, verify this is the correct number of the device by checking the box. Now press Continue.

      Pick Mobile Phone

    3. Select the type of phone that the number is associated with and press Continue.


    4. Download the Duo Mobile Application for your device:

    5. Configure the Duo app on your mobile device:

      1. Open the Duo App on your phone.

        Note: After opening the Duo app, you may be asked to accept notification and camera privileges. Click Allow if prompted.

      2. Tap the plus sign button.

      3. Scan the QR code on the screen.


    1. Select Tablet then press Continue.


    2. Select iOS or Android (depending on your device) then press Continue.

      Pick Tablet

    3. Download the Duo Mobile Application for iOS or Android:

    4. Open the Duo App on your tablet.

    5. Tap the plus sign button.

    6. Scan the QR code on the screen.

      Scan QR

      Note: You will need to obtain a token before you can register it. Contact your unit's Implementation Partner to find out how to obtain a token. It is very important that you not press the token button repeatedly prior to registering your token. This may cause the token to become out of sync and you will not be able to register it.
      1. Go to
      2. Log in with your NetID and password.
      • Note: If you've already registered a device and are using MFA Duo, you'll be prompted to login with your NetID twice, then be prompted for MFA Duo.
    • You'll see a page similar to this:
    • Register token
    • Enter the Token Serial Number in the appropriate field. Be sure to enter the dashes.
    • Press the Green button on the front of the token and enter the 6-digit passcode.
    • Click Register Token/Fob.
    • The token will now be registered with your account. Please note that you will not have to start using the token until you are required to start using MFA Duo.
  4. The device has been added. You should now see it on the Duo Device Management Portal.

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