Qualtrics Survey Hosting - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Known Issues

This is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the Qualtrics service through UW-Madison.

Unable to send surveys to WiscList

Qualtrics is unable to send mail to WiscList addresses. The issue is that Qualtrics mailings include List-Unsubscribe in the email header. This causes WiscList and other mailing list software to reject the messages. There are several possible workarounds:

  1. The survey owner can create a Qualtrics contact list with the WiscList recipients. See Qualtrics Support Document: Contacts Basic Overview
  2. The survey owner sends the survey to their UW Madison O365 email account and then forwards the email to the list.
  3. Configure the WiscList as a 'Child List'. WiscList (Advanced) - Adding Lists as Members (Hierarchies)

Is there training available for Qualtrics?

The UW-Madison Qualtrics Service Team does not offer any in person training for the Qualtrics software. However, Qualtrics has a wealth of free webinars to help you get started with the service. See: Qualtrics On-Demand Webinars

Does UW-Madison Qualtrics use my legal name or my preferred name in my profile?

UW-Madison Qualtrics will display your preferred name if you have one set, otherwise your legal name is used. Your Qualtrics profile is updated at each login. If you change your preferred name you need to login to Qualtrics in order for the change to be reflected in your Qualtrics profile. For more information about changing your preferred name see, MyUW - Using the "Preferred Name" App.

What Qualtrics features are licensed for UW Madison?

UW System licenses the Qualtrics Research Core survey application which includes Stats iQ (formerly StatWing). The UW Madison Brand also licenses the Qualtrics Offline App for campus use.

The following Qualtrics Add Ons are not licensed for use:

  • File Upload
  • SalesForce
  • API
  • Tableau Integration
  • SMS
  • Canvas LTI Integration

Why can I only send 10 emails?

Typically when users run into email sending limits it is because they have signed up for a Trail Qualtrics account instead of provisioning an account in the UW-Madison Brand. Please make sure you are logging in here: https://uwmadison.qualtrics.com

For more information about Trial Accounts, please see: Trial Accounts FAQ.

What is the distribution sending limit?

Accounts within the UW Madison Qualtrics Brand are limited to 50,000 emails per week. It is possible to temporarily raise that limit. Please contact UW-Madison Qualtrics Brand Administrators survey-admins@lists.wisc.edu

Can I share a survey outside of our organization?

All users in the UW Madison Qualtrics Brand are Enabled to both "Collaborate Inside of the Organization" and "Collaborate Outside of the Organization". If you are having difficulty sharing with a non-UW-Madison user please verify the following:

  • Are you using the correct email address or Qualtrics username for the other account?
  • Does the other user's account allow collaboration outside of the organization? Not all Brands allow their users to do this.
  • Is the other account a Trial Account? Free personal Qualtrics accounts do not allow the user to collaborate on surveys.

For more information on inviting survey collaborators see: Collaborating on a Project.

No text in the Progress Bar

Selecting "Progress Bar: With Text" in Look & Feel of an existing survey does not add text to the progress bar. There was an issue with the UW Madison 1 theme that was preventing the text from displaying properly. This has been fixed for new surveys. For existing surveys:

  1. Select a different theme (e.g. SRSS1)
  2. Save the Look & Feel settings
  3. Verify the new theme by previewing the survey
  4. Change back to the UW Madison 1

Note:This will also have the effect of updating the survey to the latest version of the UW Madison 1 theme (last update: 5/15/2017).

I can't access Stats iQ

All UW Madison Qualtrics users are licensed to use Qualtrics Stats iQ.

In order to access the feature you need to also generate an API Token for your Qualtrics account. Follow the instructions for Generating an API Token in API Integration Basic Overview

If you are receiving a 401: Missing API Token when you attempt to access Stats iQ, please verify that you have generated an API Token for your account.

401: Missing API Token

For more information see: Stats iQ Basic Overview

Error loading your project list

Qualtrics sessions will automatically logout after 2 hours of inactivity. At the next login some users experience the following error message:

We encountered an error loading your project list

To resolve the error, click on your Account Settings icon (silhouette in the upper right) and select Refresh Account. See Qualtrics Account Settings for more information.

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