HRS Security Awareness Quiz Announcement for 2018

This is an announcement for the HRS Security Awareness quiz. It is a yearly quiz for core users of HRS.

2018 Announcement for the Security Awareness Quiz

The quiz will only be displayed after approval has been granted in OIM for a HRS core role.
From: The UW-Shared Services  
Subject: HRS Security Awareness training course requirement

Hello HRS User,

This is a reminder email for the 2018 HRS Security Awareness Course. You have been identified as an HRS core user that needs to complete the course. If you have since taken the course, please disregard this notice.

We are aware the performance of the course may be slower than usual at times. We are working with our web hosting partners on resolving this issue as soon as possible.You have until May 22, 2018 to complete the course. Core users not receiving a passing grade by this time will have their accounts locked until the course is completed.

In the case your HRS account is locked, you will need to complete the course and then contact the UWSC Service Center Affinity Groups requesting that your account be unlocked. NOTE: It could take up to two days for your account to be unlocked by UWSC Staff.

HRS Security Awareness Course Log-In Instructions:

To access the HRS Security Awareness Course:

If there are questions or concerns regarding the HRS Security Awareness Training or if you experience problems with the 2018 Security Awareness Course, please contact your Affinity Group.

Thank you,

AG Support Team 
UW Service Center