Connecting to the Russell Labs hub fileserver

This document describes how to connect to the Russell Labs hub fileserver.


Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Forest & Wildlife faculty, students, and staff; Hub staff

Mapping Network Drives in the Russell Labs Domain

Note: To access servers in the Russell Labs Domain, the user's IP address must be allowed past our firewalls. For UW-Madison users, if your computer is not plugged in via network cable to an approved network you will need to secure a VPN connection before proceeding. See WiscVPN (Win) - Departmental VPN for details.

Mapping the drives through My Computer

Windows 7

Right-click Computer located in the Start menu. Click Map Network Drive.


Windows 10

Open File Explorer and click on This PC. Select the Computer tab at the top of the windows and click Map Network Drive.

Windows 10 file explorer

The following steps apply to all versions of Windows:

map drive interface window

In the Drive: drop down menu select an available drive letter. In the Folder: field enter the directory path for the drive you want to map. The following are commonly used paths:

\\\russell\hub\home\<russell username>

Enter the appropriate login information. Check the box labeled Remember my credentials if desired.

Click OK.

If the connection was successful, Windows Explorer will open the mapped network drive.


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