How to Install Stata

A step-by-step guide to downloading and launching Stata for free through the UW Madison campus software library


 Step 1: Locate Software and Download
Login here
Enter Net ID and Password
Choose Stata from Download Options list
Choose the installer that matches your computer software
Step 2: Locate Download File and Move to Desktop
In Chrome: locate downloaded file in the bottom right hand side
In Safari: locate downloaded file in upper right hand downloads location
   Step 3: Launch Installer and Begin Installation
   Step 4: Choose Program Type
Typical users will choose Stata/MP
This version is appropriate for introductory statistics courses at UW Madison
Please reference Stata's website here for further inquiries
   Step 5: Choose File Location
   Step 6: Choose File Organization
Individual users will most likely choose "Use Each User's Documents Folder"
Department may choose to use a "Fixed Folder for All Users" if multiple users wish to access one file
   Step 7: Wait for Installation
Ensure consistent Wifi connectivity for best results
Process may exceed 10 minutes
   Step 8: Locate Program and Launch!
  • Who can download Stata?
    • If you have a UW-Madison campus net ID and password, Stata is available to you free of charge
    • You may download the program on a personal computer
  • Will this program support me if I am working on a larger project?
    • See Stata's website here to explore Stata's data capabilities and program options in more depth