How to Download SAS

Learn how to download SAS with this short tutorial with screenshots!


   Step 1: Access Campus Software Library Here
Download discs 1-8 (separately)
"Show in folder" move to desktop for ease of access
This will likely take a considerable amount of time
  Step 2: Extract Files from Each Zip File
Right click on zip file for disc one
Select 7-zip or "unzip"
Extract files
Repeat for files 1-8
   Step 3: Locate Setup File
Click on disc one file
Locate setup application file
Note: each of discs 1-8 MUST be downloaded and extracted in order for this step to work
   Step 4: Allow SAS to make changes to your device
   Step 5: Select Language
   Step 6: Select File Location
   Step 7: Choose "SAS Foundation and related software"
   Step 8: Select Language Downloads
In order to save space, I cleared all languages except English
   Step 9: Software Disc Selection
Installer will pause periodically to request "next disc"
Simply navigate your computer's files to select the correct disc file
(These were downloaded and unzipped earlier)
   Step 10: Take advantage of helpful links!

FAQ and troubleshooting links:

SAS Customer Support Center

SAS Installed Software and Components report
file:///C:\Program Files\SASHome\InstallMisc\InstallLogs\DeploymentRegistry.html

SAS Install Center

SAS Technical Support

Downloads and Hot Fixes

SAS Training

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