Canvas - Using Rubrics to Grade Assignments in Canvas [UW-Madison]

This document explains how instructors can use rubrics in Canvas, and frequently asked questions regarding rubrics.


How do I include a rubric on an assignment in Canvas?

For instructions on using a rubric with a Canvas assignment, please see How do I use a rubric to grade submissions in SpeedGrader? from Instructure

How do I import a rubric from Excel or Google Sheets?

Disclaimer: This feature required custom coding at the campus level. It may break (temporarily or permanently) after future updates to Canvas. This will not affect any rubrics already created, but it may interfere with your ability to create additional rubrics using the button. Please contact the DoIT Help Desk if the importer stops working.

  1. Create your rubric in Excel or Google Sheets. For the correct formatting, use these Sample Rubrics.
  2. To create the rubric in your course, log into Canvas, go to your course, and click on the Rubrics tool.
  3. Click Import Rubric.
  4. Enter a title for your rubric.
  5. Cut and paste your Excel or Google Sheets rubric into the Rubric Contents box.
  6. Click Create.
  7. To add rubrics to your assignments, graded discussions, or quizzes refer to these instructions.

Why is my rubric not automatically inputting scores into the gradebook?

When you edit your rubric settings select the Use this rubric for assignment grading checkbox on your rubric settings.
Image shows rubric settings found when editing rubric. checkbox "use this rubric for assignment grading" is selected.

How Can I Use Free-Form commenting?

To use free-form commenting instead of ratings in your rubric, see this guide from Instructure: How do I use free-form comments instead of ratings in a rubric in SpeedGrader?

Why does Canvas say that I can’t edit this rubric? (error message)

Error message says "You can't edit this rubric, either because you don't have permission or it's being used in more than one place. Any changes you make will result in a new rubric based on the old rubric. Continue anyway? (Cancel)(OK)"

You may see a warning message that begins with “you can’t edit this rubric” If you try to edit a rubric that has been used in more than one assignment.

You must create a copy of the rubric instead. To do this, select the OK button on the error message. Canvas will create a copied version of the rubric, which automatically replaces the previous rubric in the assignment. This new rubric will be saved in the course rubrics list.

Note: If you graded student submissions with the old rubric, we suggest reviewing student submissions again using the new one.

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