WAF - Windows Access Facility

This document provides an overview of the Windows Access Facility (WAF). The WAF is a Windows Terminal Server that provides supplemental access for Mac and Linux users to applications that are only available on the Windows platform.

WAF Account Setup

University of Wisconsin-Madison employees should contact support@doit.wisc.edu to request a WAF account.

Accessing the WAF

Refer to WAF - Installing and Accessing for instructions on accessing the WAF.

WAF Applications

NOTE: Access to applications listed in bold requires proof of license ownership – Project and Visio are not licensed under the campus Microsoft site license. Contact licensing@doit.wisc.edu (and copy support@doit.wisc.edu) to request access to Project and Visio on the WAF.

The following applications are available on the WAF:

Session Timeout

Disconnected user sessions (when users close their session but fail to logoff) are automatically ended after 8 hours. This ensures resources are available to others actively using the WAF. This timeout does not affect active or idle sessions.

Maintenance Window / Planned Outages

The scheduled maintenance window for the WAF is Sunday, 5AM to 8AM. Outages planned for any other time will be communicated via wafusers@lists.wisc.edu.

Need Additional Support?

If you need assistance accessing the WAF beyond the above documentation or have questions about the software installed, please contact the DoIT Help Desk. For questions on using department-specific resources from the WAF (such as printers, network storage, etc) please refer to documentation supplied by your departmental IT provider.