Voice Services - Authorized User Tools

This document contains links to new tools for : 1) the authorized users lookup tool, 2) the update names on the telephone activity report tool and 3) the Line Lookup tool.

The Authorized Users Lookup Tool

The authorized user lookup tool will tell you who is authorized to order changes to specific phone lines. Voice services will continue to accept orders from anyone on campus even if the customer is not an authorized user. Voice services will confirm their order with the authorized agent from their department.

The authorized user lookup can be found here, anyone with a NetID has access to it:

"DoIT Voice Services Authorized User Lookup"

Note: The search can be done by telephone number or funding string.

Authorized Users Telephone Activity Report (TAR) Names Tool

The second tool lets authorized users to update names associated with telephone numbers on telephone activity reports (TAR). Authorized users can maintain the names associated with those same numbers on their TARs if desired. This only updates the name in the TAR; it does not update the phone in the telephone system.

Instructions can be found at: Telephone Activity Reports - Appearance of Names on Your Telephone Activity Report

Supporting documentation and further information about the Telephone Activity Report can be found at: Telephone Activity Reports - General Information and Contact Information

Line Lookup Tool

When a telephone is provided, the Line Lookup tool provides the name of the user, funding, location information, and features of existing telephone lines. Please note that locations, features and names are not updated for Centrex VoIP phone numbers.

Access is limited to persons authorized to order changes to telephone services. This tool is intended to be used when gathering the necessary information for placing telephone orders. It should also be helpful in keeping track of the telephone lines.