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This document will walk a user through how to use the UW Content Sharing plugin.


To activate this plugin, please submit a request via the Customer Support Form.


After the plugin is activated on your WiscWeb site, a new menu item should be available under Settings on the WordPress Dashboard labeled Content Sharing

Dashboard showing the path to the Content Sharing options

Clicking on this link will take you to the content sharing dashboard. The content sharing dashboard will have two different sections right after activation. The Access to Your Content and Access to Other Sites section, should look something like this:

Content Sharing example screen showing the Access to Your Content section

(Note that the list of sites will change depending on what sites are using the plugin, so this list will look different)

Content Sharing example screen showing the Access to Other Sites section

These two sections will allow you to grant access to your sites content, as well request access to other sites content.


In order to control where your content is being used and what content gets shared, there is a layer of permissions. In order to use another sites content you must first be granted permission to use that content. You must also grant other sites access to use your own content. On top of site wide permissions, you can also specify which posts should be shared out to all those who have access to your site's content.

Granting Access to Your Content

To grant permission to other sites to use your site's content, navigate to the content sharing dashboard. In the section labeled Access to Your Content there is a list of all that can be granted permission labeled All Sites / Requests. Click on the site you want to grant access to and it will jump to the right area that is labeled Sites That Have Access.

Grant Access to Your ContentGranted Access to Your Content

You can grant access to multiple sites at a time by clicking more than one site title. If you accidentally click on a site and do not want to give it access to your site's content simply click on that site title to remove it from the access column. When all of the sites you would like to have access to your site are in the Sites That Have Access column click on the blue button that says Update Access Settings, this will save the access settings as they appear on screen and grant permission to anyone in the access column.

Revoking Access to Your Content

Revoking access to your content is just as easy as granting it. Simply click on a site that is in the Sites That Have Access column and it will jump back to the sites list on the left-hand site.

Revoke Access to Your ContentRevoked Access to Your Content

When the access column contains all the sites you want click the blue button that says Update Access Settings and it will save all the sites that have access to your content, any sites that had been removed from the access column will no longer have access to your sites content.

Requesting Access to Other Sites

Requesting access to another sites content is simple. Navigate to the content sharing dashboard and find the section labeled Access to Other Sites. This section has three columns. The right column labeled Available Sites shows all sites that you do not have access to. The middle Pending Requests column shows any requests to access content that have not been responded to yet. The final column labeled Accessible Sites shows all the sites that you are allowed to pull content from. To request access to another site's content click on a site in the "

Click on the site or sites that you would like to request access to, selected sites will outline in blue. When all the sites you would like to request access to are selected click the button labeled "Send Access Request(s)"

In order to gain access to another sites content, the owner of that site will need to grant your site access. When you submit an access request to another site, that site's owner will get an email notification to let them know you have requested access.

Accepting Access Requests

When someone requests access to your site's content you grant them permission just like you would any other site. Requested sites always show up at the top of the sites list and will be marked with a note to let you know that site has requested access.

Requested Sites

Sharing a Post

To allow other sites to display content from your posts, navigate to a post you would like to make shareable. Under the Title and permalink you will see a checkbox labeled "Allow sharing this content on other sites using shortcode, check that and update your post. The post will now be shareable.

Shareable Content

Shareable Content is a custom post type that the content sharing plugin adds. This custom post type will not show up anywhere on your site by default. The idea behind the shareable content is that you can put content in here, and place it in different text areas around your site, or other sites that you share content with, by using a short code.

Sharing Shareable Content

Sharing sharable content works exactly the same as sharing a post. Navigate into a shareable content post, and check the checkbox labeled "Allow sharing this content on other sites using shortcode" and update the post.

Note:In order to allow shared content to be shared and to generate a shortcode for Sharable Content you must first publish the shared content. After the shared content is published you will be given the option to allow sharing.

Allow Content Sharing

Using Sharable Content / Shared Posts

Using sharable content or shared posts is easy, you can navigate to a shareable content post or a shared content post and click the button under the title and permalink labeled "Copy to Clipboard" to copy the shortcode for that post.

Copy to Clipboard

You can also find shortcodes for all content you have access to by clicking the "Find Sharable Content" button that is located in the rich content editor.

Available content example

Clicking this button will open up a modal that you can use to quickly find the content you are looking for.

Filter content example

You can use the input at the top of the modal labeled "Filter Content" to search for a specific shared post. This will search based on the post title and the site title of the site that owns the post.

Click the post you want to use and it will automatically copy the shortcode to your clipboard.

Note: The icon on the right of side of the post denotes what type of post it is. The pin icon means the post is a "post" and the square with the arrow is "sharable content".

Shared Posts Content from Your Site

You do not have to have the checkbox checked to use shortcodes on your own site. The checkbox is used to allow cross site sharing to use a shortcode on another WiscWeb site. All posts and sharable content on your site will always be usable on your own site regardless of any permission settings.

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