Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting - How to create interactive content in Pressbooks with H5P

Pressbooks is an innovative, open-source tool and is still emerging as an enterprise-level platform with predictable performance. As a result, the vendor and other contributors to the platform may not be able to immediately respond to performance issues that arise. Please take this into account when deciding to use Pressbooks for the creation of course and assignment materials. There may be times when Pressbooks may be unavailable and that could mean students will not be able to access materials. Learn@UW-Madison continues to track and document known issues with Pressbooks.

This KB doc is for instructors who want to create interactive content in Pressbooks with H5P.

Creating content in Pressbooks is very similar to using Microsoft Word. You’ll add text and images, but you can also add interactive content and an annotation pane.

Authoring general Pressbooks eText content

  1. Create your content. If you would like to get started with some online resources the Pressbooks user guide is a great resource: Pressbooks also has a collection of training & demonstration videos:

Adding interactive content to Pressbooks with H5P

To add interactive activities you use a plugin called H5P. To create a new H5P interactive module:

  1. If this is your first time adding H5P content click the H5P Content menu option on the left.
  2. Click the Add new button at the top of the page.
  3. If it is the first time adding H5P content you will see this message: "To be able to start creating interactive content you must first install at least one content type.
    The H5P Hub is here to simplify this process by automatically installing the content types you choose and providing updates for those already installed."
    Click the I consent, give me the Hub! button.
  4. Give your H5P module a name where it says “Enter title here.”
  5. Click the H5P “Select content type” dropdown menu to select the content type you would like to use. The first time you use a new content type the menu option will say Get. You will first need to click Get and then Install. Once it is installed you can click Use.
  6. Fill in the details on the H5P module. For example if you are creating a multiple choice question it will ask you to add the question, answer options and click the checkbox to indicate which answer is correct along with tips and feedback.
  7. Check or uncheck the Display Options on the right depending on how you want the H5P module to function. Configurable options include:
    1. Display toolbar below content
    2. Display Download button
    3. Display Embed button
    4. Display Copyright button
  8. When you’re done configuring your H5P module click the Create button on the right. Pressbooks will display a preview of your H5P module that you can test.
  9. Once you have created H5P content return to the part of your Pressbook that you want to add it to. 
    1. Click Dashboard on the left menu.
    2. Click the part of the book you want to add the H5P activity to. For example - click on Chapter 1.
    3. Click into the place on the page where you want to place your H5P activity. Click the Add H5P button in the Pressbooks editor to add H5P content to your Pressbook page:
      Screenshot of Pressbooks showing Pressbooks content open with the "Add H5P" button at the top next to "Add Media".
      An Insert interactive content window will open. Click the Insert button next to the H5P module you want to add to your page:
      Pressbooks screenshot showing the "Insert interactive content" window open with a list of H5P activities to insert into a Pressbook
If you are done creating your interactive Pressbooks content and you want to embed it in Canvas you'll follow the next set of directions in Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting - How to export a Pressbook as a Thin Common Cartridge for use in Canvas

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