Manifest - Using Opt-In Groups

Using Manifest to create groups that users can opt-in to.


Manifest has the ability to create groups that you can allow users to opt-in to. Creating and maintaining the groups is easy, just like any group, but the users who will opt-in must be given the "opt-in" privilege on the group.

Important Note: If you use permissions on your opt-in group, it is important to realize that these only apply when the person opts-in. If they subsequently fall out of having "opt-in" permission, they are not removed from the group. There is no easy way to detect this currently, unfortunately.

If you want to create an access policy group that requires that members still match your criteria, you will need to contact Manifest Support to create a composite group that is an intersection of your opt-in group with the rule group to ensure that only people who still match the rule are invluded.

Using Opt In Groups

Set the Group Up

  1. Create a group (or use a group you already have the ability to manage or administer).
  2. Click to the Privileges tab for the group and set the "OptIn" permission for the population you want to opt in. This may be a list of people that have the option, another group, or an institutional data-driven group defining a campus population.
Add Privs and Opt In Priv Image

User Experience

Once the group has been set to Opt In, when the user logs in to Manifest, he or she will see it under "Groups I Can Join" in the Manifest UI. Clicking "Details" will open the group and under "More Actions" they have an option to Join the group:

Join Menu Item Image

After clicking, the user will see confirmation that they are in the group:

Joined confirmation

If you want to give the user a URL to join with, See below for a workaround.

Known Issues

Getting a URL to send to users

There is no way to quickly copy a link that users can use to join your group, but it is possible to do so. Luckily there is an easy pattern to creating the URL.

Once you have created the group and given the opt-in permission to the people you want to be able to opt-in, the opt-in URL to the group is If your group is the URL to it is

Assuming the person is authorized to join, they will jump right to confirmation that they've joined.

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