Blackboard Collaborate Original - Incorrect email displays when inviting participants via MyUW

It may occur that a non-campus email address is listed for an individual when using the Adding Participants to a Session feature for Blackboard Original via the MyUW portal. The lookup tool references data from HRS that may include other email addresses provided by the individual. Please read on for available options.

Those affected by this behavior may choose from the following alternative options.

  1. Manually enter the preferred email address on the “Adding Participants to a Session” screen (see screenshot below)
  2. Manually copy and paste the session link and send an email using the user’s local application
  3. The individual with the incorrect email listed can modify the preferences in HRS if the email is no longer valid or used - this can be accessed via the Personal Information app via the MyUW portal (see KB document HR - Business Email Address for more information)

Adding Participants to a Session screenshot