Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Large attendance sessions (250-500 participants)

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra sessions can support up to 500 participants, however the vendor requests advance notice of at least 72 business hours for sessions that are expected to accommodate more than 250 concurrent attendees. This is necessary to ensure the necessary supporting infrastructure resources. Please read on for further instructions.

The notification process involves submitting a ticket to Blackboard Support with the following details:
  •   Ticket Description – Product Suite select Large Event Request
  •   Session Contact
  •   Session Date/Time
  •   # of Expected Attendees
  •   Tools Expected to Be Used
  •   Session Link/URL (Ultra: please include the session name)
  •   Summary: Large Event Request (or similar)
  •   Version (12.6 or Ultra)
  •   Any additional details
Please note the following applies to large sessions:
  •   Must be created via the SAS (i.e. via the My UW portal) and cannot be created via an LMS integration (e.g., D2L, Canvas)
  •   Cannot run longer than 24 hours
  •   Chat and audio will be disabled upon entry by participants - the moderator can enable the chat function while in the session
  •   Breakout rooms are not available