Office 365 - Unable to log into account due to move error

You receive the following error when you attempt to log into your account via Outlook on the web (

You weren’t able to sign in because the mailbox is being moved. You won’t be able to access it until the move is complete. Please wait and try again later.

Review the information Microsoft provided below for further details on this error.

Why is this happening?

Microsoft balances the service from time to time to mitigate any issues on the server or in the back end, hence the user mailbox is moved to avoid any major failures.

What is the reason for the Mailbox move?

Here we might have identified a possible issue with one of the database or the server were the user mailbox is located, to resolve the issue we sometimes have to move the mailbox for the issue to be resolved. A mailbox move can happen only in worst scenario to avoid a major impact on all the users on the server or if the tenant admin himself initiates the move for resolving any mailbox corruption. Back end team will only move the user mailbox proactively to resolve a possible major impact, for example like degradation of the server performance due to user mailbox loads or if the server needs to be updated with windows or Exchange system or there is any issue with the server. These steps are only done to safeguard and avoid major impact to users on the server, like mailbox corruption etc.

How to fix this?

The issue will be resolved on its own once the move is completed. The user mailbox connection is impacted during the last 5% of mailbox move completion. Once the move is completed the user will be able to connect to his mailbox again.

Its been over a day and I still cannot access my account

If you have been unable to access your account due to this error for over a 24 hour period, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.