Pressbooks - Known Issue - Users getting 502 and 504 errors in Pressbooks (UW-Madison)

Pressbooks is an innovative, open-source tool and is still emerging as an enterprise-level platform with predictable performance. Please take this into account when deciding to use Pressbooks for the creation of course and assignment materials. Learn@UW-Madison continues to track and document known issues with Pressbooks.

This document describes past 502 and 504 Pressbooks error and steps Learn@UW is taking to correct it.

In Fall 2018, some users reported receiving 502 and 504 errors in their web browser when attempting to view or edit Pressbooks content.


This affected users trying to view or edit Pressbooks content on UW-Madison's instance of Pressbooks.


As of 2/11/2019, this issue is no longer present. UW-Madison technologists worked with Pressbooks to identify the performance issue on 10/2/18. To see the status of Pressbooks servers and ensure a server outage is not causing your 502 or 504 error, check For reference, UW-Madison's Pressbooks instance is hosted within the "Pressbooks-7" server on that page.


If you are experiencing 502 or 504 errors, please refresh your browser window and try to access the Pressbooks content again. If the issue persists, please reach out to the DoIT Help Desk.