KB User's Guide - API - Site Logos

This document provides information in the Site Logos API for the KnowledgeBase.


Get Site Logos

Calls the externally-published site logos of the specified site domain

** APIs are not enabled for institution subsites unless specifically requested. Please contact the KB team if you would like to request an API for your subsite(s).

Collection Endpoint

This API does not have an collection response.

Entity Endpoint


Example: https://kb.wisc.edu/api/v1/site-logos/1

** You can find your siteId by reviewing the URI Components in the Group Spaces API, please review KB User's Guide - API - Group Spaces for details. Your siteId will be listed as an integer in the extSiteId URI Component.

Entity Sample Response

"logoImgPath": "https://kb.wisc.edu/images/group363/logo/uw-crest-web.png",
"logoImgWidth": "",
"logoImgHeight": "",
"logoImgLink": "",
"_links": {
"self": {
"href": "https://kb.wisc.edu/api/v1/site-logo/2"

Success Response

Code: 200 OK
Content: Content-type: application/hal+json

Error Response

Code: 404 Page Not Found
Content: { error : "Page not found." }


Code: 405 Method Not Allowed
Content: { error : None }