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The Attendance tool enables you to create registers that track attendance for activities within your course or organization. You can track attendance for any number of activities and customize your registers to suit your needs.

What is the Attendance tool?

Use the Attendance tool to:

  • Create sessions to track attendance
  • Define attendance statuses for your activities
  • Grade user attendance (Note: the Attendance tool does not work with the Grades tool)
  • View attendance results
  • Track users that have poor attendance

To use the Attendance tool please complete the following steps:

1. Accessing the Attendance tool

To access the Attendance tool, you will need to add the tool to your navigation bar. Once added, click the Attendance link on the navigation bar.


(Attendance homepage)

2. Creating Attendance Registers

  • From the Attendance Registers tab, click newregister.jpg.
  • Enter a Name for your register and (optional) a description.
  • Choose an attendance scheme from the Attendance Scheme drop down menu. The default scheme is the System Scheme, which has the following criteria: P - Present (=100%), A - Absent (=0%). To create your own attendance scheme, see step #4.
    • Note: Students will see the full name of the scheme (whether instructors choose the default scheme or create a custom scheme).
  • Enter a percentage (0-100) in the Cause for Concern (%) field. If any users have an overall attendance percentage that is below the "Cause for Concern," then an exclamation iconCauseforConcernicon.png displays in the % Attendance field.
  • Select the user that you want to include in your register. You can choose to include all users or just specific groups and/ or sections.
  • Check the Visibility box if you want users to view the attendance register.
  • Add one or more sessions for your register. Your sessions make up the collective events that make up the register.
    • For example, if you want to track attendance for a weekly seminar, you would create a "Weekly Seminar" register and then add sessions for each seminar, using distinguishable session names (week 1, week 2, week 3, etc.).
    • The attendance data that you add for the sessions is summarized and displayed on the register's Attendance Data page.
      • Note: You must delete blank sessions (click the trash trash.jpg button) before you can save.
  • Click the save.jpg button.

3. Viewing and entering attendance data

From the Attendance homepage, click the name of your register to access the Attendance Data page. This page displays all of the data that you have collected for your register, broken down by users and sessions.

Attendance Data page

To enter your attendance data

  • First, to display a session's attendance, click on the corresponding EnterAttendanceDataicon.png Enter Attendance Data icon on the Attendance Data page.
  • Then, use the attendance status drop-down menus to change the attendance status of your users. Alternatively, you can click the setstatusforall.jpg button to set the same status for all users. To view Attendance status information click on the Information.png icon in the Attendance Status header.
    • Note: If the optional "Assigned %" for marks in Attendance schemes is left blank, the mark does not count toward the calculated "Assigned %". For example, if there are 10 sessions and a student has 7 Presents (100%), 2 Absences (0%), and 1 Excused Absence (blank), the student's attendance % is 7/9 = 77.78%, with the Excused absence not counting.
  • (optional) If needed, send an email to a user using the steps below.
  • When finished, click save.jpg and then Close to return to the Attendance Data Page.

To email users

  • Select the users that you want to email from the user list in the Attendance Data section.
  • Click the email.jpg icon.
  • Compose your new message.
  • Click send.jpg.
    • Note: If you want to send an email to all users, save time by clicking the emailallusers.jpg button.

To export your register's attendance data

  • Click on the exportalldata.jpg button on the Attendance Data page to export your Attendance Data as a .csv file compatible with Microsoft Excel).

4. Creating attendance schemes

  • Click the Attendance link on the navigation bar.
  • Click on the Attendance Schemes tab.
  • Click the newscheme.jpg button.
  • Enter a name for your scheme.
  • In the Attendance Statuses section, enter a Symbol, Status Full Name, Assigned %, and Order for each of your statuses.

Attendance scheme page

    • Symbol: Use this field to indicate the abbreviated name of the statuses. Improve recognition by using symbols that intuitively reference the corresponding status name, e.g. A for absent, P for present, etc.
    • Status Full Name: This field should accurately describe the attendance status, such as Present, Late, and Absent.
    • Assigned %: This optional field determines the weight that each status is given towards the percent attendance for the register. Adding an Assigned % value enables you to automatically allocate attendance credit and set attendance expectations.
    • Order: This field determines the display order of the statuses.
  • If you need more than three statuses, click addstatuses.jpg.
    • Note: Enter a number in the box to the right of the addstatuses.jpg button in order to add multiple statuses at one time.
  • Click the save.jpg button.

5. Searching for users based on attendance

On the Attendance Data page for an attendance register, instructors may click "Show search options" in order to search for users based on Session attendance, Status attendance, and/or Attendance % above or below a certain percentage value (see below).



6. Viewing attendance of unenrolled users

If a user is unenrolled from a course, their attendance data remains accessible in the Classlist tool. This enables you to access attendance data for users who are no longer included in your attendance registers.

  • Under the Communication drop-down menu in the navigation bar, select Classlist.
  • Click on enrollmentstats.jpg.
  • In the "Withdrawals" section, click the downarrow.jpg next to the name of the applicable user, and then select viewattendance.jpg from the drop-down menu.
  • The Attendance page for that user will appear, showing the number of sessions and the % attended.

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