MFA-Duo - How to Register a Token/Fob

This document describes the process to register a MFA Duo token (also know as a fob).

Note: You will need to obtain a token before you can register it. Contact your unit's Implementation Partner to find out how to obtain a token. It is very important that you not press the token button repeatedly prior to registering your token. This may cause the token to become out of sync and you will not be able to register it.
  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your NetID and password.
    • Note: If you've already registered a device and are using MFA Duo, you'll be prompted to login with your NetID twice, then be prompted for MFA Duo.
  3. You'll see a page similar to this. Select the type of token that you have.
  4. Enter the Token Serial Number in the appropriate field. The Token Serial Number may be entered with spaces/dashes or with numbers only; the format does not matter.
  5. Making sure that the token's button is oriented to the left, press the button on the front of the token and enter the 6-digit passcode.
  6. Click Register Duo Token/Fob.
    • Note: If you receive an error, it most likely means that your token is out of sync. Please call the DoIT Help Desk so that a case can be escalated to re-sync the token.
  7. The token will now be registered with your account.
  8. Please note, if the token is the first MFA device you have registered, you'll will start to be prompted within one day to start using MFA.

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