Course Search & Enroll - Scheduler Tips


This document gives tips on how to use the Scheduler in the Course Search and Enroll app.


The Scheduler tool in Course Search & Enroll shows weekly calendar layouts of the classes from your cart. You can view different combinations of sections to find the time-slots that work best, and set up blocks to avoid scheduling classes at certain times.

Open Scheduler From anywhere within Course Search & Enroll, select the "Scheduler" button. You can also select the "Schedule" button in your cart.


Browse different schedules

Scroll through the weekly options by selecting the right and left arrow buttons.
As you view different combinations, the days/times of the sections in that combination will update in the left-side column.
As classes open or fill, the combinations may change. The schedules themselves may not appear in the same sequence.

Too many schedules? Lock specific sections for a class, or add schedule breaks.
Not enough schedules? Unlock your classes, or remove a schedule break.

Browse schedules

What does "Save Schedule" mean?

The “Save Schedule” button in the upper right corner pushes the selected days/times for the displayed weekly grid back to your cart.

When you have found the combination that you want to enroll in, select “Save Schedule.” Course Search & Enroll will show you any options that can be selected for these classes (like getting on a wait list for full classes, or taking a class for Honors).

Scheduler does not allow you to “bookmark” different combinations. If you want to make note of different combinations for later consideration, write down the class days/times or print the schedule. However, if any of your classes fills up, that combination may not be available later.

Print the schedule - Open Settings by selecting the gear button. Select "Print".

Save and print options

Save sections

If you want to keep a specific day/time option for a class in all the available combinations, save that section.

Select the class in the list on the left-side of Scheduler, or one of its blocks in the grid. In the pop-up window, select the "Save section" button.
A class will be saved and "locked" by default in Scheduler if, when searching for classes, you selected a checkbox for a specific section and added it to the cart.
To unlock a class, open the class pop-up window again, and select the "Unlock section" button.

Save section

Control which sections show, using Preferences

Refine your schedule options by limiting or expanding the class sections that will be included in the combinations.

Open Settings by selecting the gear button. Select "Preferences".
  • Show wait-listed classes - By default, Scheduler won’t show wait-listed or closed classes, only open ones.
    If you have locked a class with wait-listed sections, then turn off the “show wait-listed courses” toggle, that class will still appear in schedules (because it is locked). If you unlock that class, it will not show in schedules because now your preferences cause wait-listed classes to not show.

  • Show reserved sections - Some classes have sections specifically reserved for students in certain groups, like a residence hall.
    Scheduler either show or hide these sections according to your preferences.

  • Show conflicts - Choose whether to show combinations where classes may overlap in their meeting times.
    If you have added schedule breaks (see below) and have “show conflicts” turned on, you may also see classes that take place during those break times.

Schedule breaks (no classes during this time)

Need to block off time for work, sports, club meetings, or other activities?
Set up “breaks” and Scheduler won’t display combinations of classes that overlap on these times.

Open Settings by selecting the gear button. Select Schedule breaks. In the pop-up window, set the days and times of your break, and give it a name (“label”). You can create more than one break. After you save, Scheduler will refresh with schedules that don’t include classes during your breaks.

Edit breaks

Schedule with breaks

Exam schedule

Below the list of classes is an Exam Schedule button. Selecting this will show you the final exam days/times for this combination of classes. When you change schedules, the exam times may also change.

Exam schedule button

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