Web Hosting - Customer how to for download and upload of sites files and/or databases

Below you will find examples of how to export, import content via Plesk and other tools.

Plesk Control Panel:

File System:

— To archive any files/folders in file system you can zip the files and download via the FileManager.

-- You can also upload via the FileManager and extract them back into place.

Extract zip files

-- A more hands-on process is with the provided direct Secure FTP access to the filesystem to download and upload files as needed. 


--Export and import MySQL dumps

-- One can also use specific database management tools, like PHPMyAdmin (built into Plesk) or a client like MySQL WorkBench (see database management applications).

NOTE:  Git repository integration is also availble, which is a version-control system for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files.