Identity Data Integration - Approved Attributes for Release to Applications

This document lists the set of identity related data that has been pre-approved for consumption by authorized UW-Madison applications per the Identity Attribute Release Policy.

Please note that while this data is approved for release, it must be documented via an Identity Data Integration (IDI) request. If your application is in need of identity data, submit an IDI request.

Authorized Applications

Applications hosted or contracted by an authorized agent of UW-Madison and operating within the guidelines of UW-Madison's IT policies and procedures that is engaged in providing services to UW-Madison constituents or stakeholders.

Pre-Approved Data Elements for Faculty / Staff and Students

In the absence of an authorized request to withhold data for an individual (e.g. FERPA hold), the set of identity related data below is available to authorized UW-Madison applications and service providers. In the case of an authorized request to withhold data for an individual (e.g. FERPA hold), the below data requires specific approval from the relevant data custodian. Application use of person data must be consistent with the UW-Madison - IT - UDS Responsible Use Policy

Note: the list below contains types of data, and is not a list of actual attribute names in a particular source.

  • Name
    • The Preferred Name, if an individual has one set
    • Source of Record name if no preferred name has been specified

  • Email Address
    • Business email address for employees
    • Campus email address for students

    Note: Email addresses are not validated, and should NOT be used as an account key.

  • NetID or other account name
  • Public Contact Information / Directory Information
    • For Employees: Title, department, and campus phone
    • For Students: Local phone and campus email

  • Affiliation Data
    • For Employees: Title, classification, and employing department
    • For Students: Enrollment status, degree sought, and program of study
    • For Others: non-sensitive information describing their relationship to the institution (e.g. volunteer, guest, affiliate)

  • Internal Identifiers to crosswalk between IT systems
    • PVI
    • HRS and / or SIS EmplID
    • SIS Campus ID or photo ID #

  • Group Memberships
    • Manifest group information that is derived from the data above

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