MFA-Duo - Who is Eligible to use UW-Madison Multi-factor Authentication?

This document is intended to answer the question of who is eligible to use MFA-Duo under our Campus funded licensing. Why does this matter? The Campus funded license covers a specific number of individual users. If we expand beyond our defined population, we will exceed our number of licenses.

Eligible to use Campus funded MFA-Duo license:

This section describes groups who are eligible to enroll in MFA-Duo.

Groups where MFA-Duo enrollment is required are denoted by a *. Other groups in this section are eligible for MFA-Duo, but are not required to enroll. Once someone who is eligible enrolls in MFA-Duo, they are required to use it from that point forward.

  • Current UW-Madison employees*
    • Those with a current job (between start date and end date) in HRS
    • Student employees
    • LTEs, Postdoctoral Scholars and Trainees, Honorary Associates/Fellows and Non-Paid positions entered as jobs in HRS ($0 appointments)
  • Future UW-Madison employees
    • All future employees with a start date any time in the future.
  • Current UW-Madison students*
    • Those currently enrolled in for-credit classes.
  • Future UW-Madison students
    • Those eligible to enroll in for-credit classes.
    • New students enrolling in the fall semester become required to use Duo on July 1.
      • Note: Incoming graduate students will need to be matriculated by their respective grad school before becoming eligible to enroll in Duo. 
  • Current UW-Madison senior guest auditors
  • Consultants (POI 14)
  • Timecard Approvers (POI 13)
  • Emeritus (POI 21)
  • Volunteers (POI 22)
  • LAB Auditors (POI 26)
  • Some additional affiliates

Any group not listed above is not eligible.

Unfortunately because of licensing, only the groups listed above are eligible. Other third-party MFA options are also not available because our services are not structured to integrate them, even if they are free.
Examples of ineligible populations include, but are not limited to:
  • Those without a current job (between start date and end date) in HRS
    • Former employees, non-emeritus retirees
    • Most Affiliates
  • Students not enrolled in for-credit courses
    • Former students
    • Students enrolled in non-timetable (not for credit) courses
  • Non-Madison UW students
  • Employees that are not directly working for UW-Madison
    • UWSA
    • UWSS
    • Individual campus
    • etc.
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See accessibility & usability information

We work with our users to address access and usability barriers in the MFA user experience. Learn details about known access barriers and workarounds at MFA-Duo - Accessibility & Usability Information. If you encounter a barrier or need assistance, please contact the DoIT Help Desk or call (608) 264-4357.

For questions regarding how to get access to the MFA mobile app contact the DoIT Help Desk at (608) 264-4357 or email

How to get access to a Security Key or Duo Token/Fob 


Students, to obtain a token/fob, please contact the DoIT Help Desk (608) 264-4357 or email Students with disabilities can also request a token or security key at the McBurney Disability Resource Center, 702 W. Johnson St., Suite #2104, Madison WI 53715 on the 2nd floor.

Faculty, Staff, and Researchers

Employees can get access to devices for MFA at their Human Resources Office or IT department. For questions contact the DoIT Help Desk at (608) 264-4357 or email 


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