Course Search & Enroll - "You are not able to enroll in courses" Error

This document explains the meaning of the "You are not able to enroll in courses" error message and how to resolve it.

What it means:

Only UW-Madison students who have been set up in the enrollment system as eligible to take classes are able to enroll.

This message will be shown to users who are not students but can still use Course Search & Enroll for searching, like UW-Madison employees.

If you are a student, you may see this message if your student status has changed, such as:
You graduated and haven't yet completed the re-entry process.
You studied abroad in a program not affiliated with UW-Madison and haven't yet completed the study-abroad re-entry process.
You have not been enrolled in classes for a semester or more (also requires the re-entry process).
Unable to enroll in courses

What to do:

If you are a student and you think you should be able to enroll in that term, please contact the Help Desk for assistance: Get Help from DoIT.

The Help Desk will gather all necessary information from you and will contact Student Services on your behalf.

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