Course Search & Enroll - "Exceeded your credit maximum" or "Minimum credits not met" Error


This document explains the meaning of the "Exceeded your credit maximum" or "Minimum credits not met" error messages and how you can resolve it. Note

What it means:

UW-Madison has limits on the number of credits that you can take in a term: for Fall or Spring, 18 credits for undergraduates; 15 credits for Graduate School students; it varies for other types of students (Law, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, etc.). Some types of students also have a minimum number of credits required for their program.

Summer Term Credit Limit:

Students are limited to course enrollment equal to one credit per week of session. The eight week general session allows for 9 credits over the session period.
In addition to the session credit limit, undergraduate students can enroll in a maximum of twelve credits across the summer term.
For more information: Student Center - Summer Session Credit Overload.
Session codes and dates.

The enrollment system won’t let you enroll for credits outside the maximum or minimum allowed.

Course enrollment failed: You were not enrolled. Enrolling in this course would have exceeded your credit load maximum.

What to do:

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