Course Search & Enroll - "Instructor consent or department permission is required" Error


This document explains the meaning of the "Instructor consent or department permission is required" error message and how it can be resolved.

What it means

In addition to requisites, some classes have a special process that allows the instructor to approve who takes the class. Common examples are Independent Study and music performance classes.

Once the term begins, there are deadlines after which students need to get the department's permission to add a class.

Examples of validation/enrollment errors that are related to instructor consent or department permission:

cancel Enrollment failed:
You were not enrolled. This course falls outside your career of study. Contact the department offering the course to request permission or choose another course.

cancel Enrollment failed:
You were not enrolled. This class requires permission to enroll because the deadline to enroll has passed.

warning Validation failed:
Enrollment requisites not met. Review the course prerequisites and class notes information in the course details before contacting the department offering the course.

warning Validation failed:
You will need to obtain permission to enroll in this class. If you have a permission number, enter it in the course section details.

What to do

Contact the appropriate instructor or department to request permission to enroll, and include your campus ID number. You may be asked for more information about your qualifications and interest in the class.

If the instructor or department approves you for the class, they will create as special permission for you in the enrollment system. Most instructors work with their departmental enrollment representative to create the permission.

You still need to enroll in the class! Go to Course Search & Enroll to enroll and make sure to select the correct class section.
Get in touch with the instructor or department who gave the permission if you still have problems enrolling in the class.

You've been given permission to enroll but you're still seeing an error?

You might still be seeing an error message from the last time you attempted to add the course to your cart or enroll.

Revalidate the course in your cart: Select the checkbox next to the course and click the "Revalidate" button.

Revalidate your cart

If the validation error cleared, you can now enroll (even if there's still an enrollment error message). Check the checkbox next to the course and click the Enroll button.

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