EPD - Blackboard Ultra - Application Sharing

This guide will demonstrate how to share your desktop or applications with other users during a Collaborate session. Important: This feature requires use of Chrome or Firefox web Browser.

 Accessing the Collaborate Panel

To share an application or desktop, you will need to open the Collaborate Panel. To open the Collaborate Panel, click on the purple button in the bottom right corner.

 Starting Application Sharing

  1. In the Collaborate Panel, click on the Share Content tab.

  2. Then select Application Sharing from the menu.

 Selecting the Content to Share (Two Options)

Blackboard will then ask you if you want to share your entire screen or a just an application. Click on the button that corresponds to your desired choice.  Entire Screen is often the simplest choice.

 Installing the Desktop Sharing Extension (Upon First Use Only)

If you do not have the Desktop Sharing extension installed for your web browser, you will be prompted to click the button to install the plugin/extension.  Your web browser will likely ask you to confirm the installation of the plugin/extension. After installing the plugin/extension, go back to the Collaborate Panel, click on the Share Content button and choose the Share Application button. This should only take a few seconds.

 Sharing Entire Desktop (Option 1)

If you have more than one monitor, Blackboard will ask you which screen you wish to share, and then click the Share button to share your screen. Your shared screen will now appear in the Collaborate window. Any action you perform in the application will be shown to participants.

 Sharing Just 1 Application or Window (Option 2)

A dialog box showing thumbnails of all open applications will appear on screen. Select the application you wish to share and then click the Share button.

 Conducting and Concluding an Application Sharing Session

To end application sharing, click on the Stop Sharing button in the upper right hand corner of the screen, or use the “End Sharing” button at the bottom center of your screen.

Reference:  Thanks goes to UT Online Faculty Guides and Documentation