WiscWeb - Publishing views for pages and posts

This document walks you through the various "visibility" options listed in pages and posts in WiscWeb and the pros and cons to each.

The following image details the visibility options available for pages and posts in WiscWeb:

Page or Post Visibility Options

Essentially, you have three options:


This option is the default for all pages and posts in WiscWeb. It is the assumption that if you have "published" or "updated" a page or posts, you would like that those changes to be publicly available.

Pages and posts published to "Public" will be available to everyone who has access to your site. If your site is not locked down with a Manifest Group or to NetIDs ([Link for document 87104 is unavailable at this time] ), that means that anyone in the world will be able to view the content.

Password protected

This option allows you to set your own password for protecting the page. More information can be found in WiscWeb - Options for protecting pages under "Native WordPress Password Protection." 


Publishing to "Private" means that only those who are logged in and have editing access to your pages/posts will be able to see the content. The URLs for private pages cannot be shared as they are not publicly viewable.

Note: This option is only recommended for standard Pages and Posts.


  • It is important to note that pages and posts that are published to "Password Protected" and/or "Private" will not be crawled by Google and therefore will not show data results in Google Analytics.
  • As of 12/12/23, we upgraded all sites to WordPress Core v6.4. With this release, a change was made that impacted how in progress edits/revisions were previewed. More information about this change is located in the related news post

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