Storyline - Canvas test student account can't view ACAR Storyline material in Canvas

Storyline is an advanced content authoring tool that should only be used by technically inclined instructors or instructors who have local learning technology support staff. Please take this into account when deciding to use Storyline for the creation of course and assignment materials.

This document outlines an existing issue where some Canvas test student accounts cannot view Storyline modules embedded in Canvas using the Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting (ACAR) solution.

    When an instructor logs into Canvas with a test student account in the form of FirstnameLastname.test and tries to load a Storyline module using the ACAR solution, you will see an error instead of the Storyline module. The error will read in the format of "Canvas ID provided to LTI tool ("FirstnameLastname.test") is not a valid email address."

    A Canvas screenshot showing a Storyline ACAR module in Canvas with the error message "Canvas ID provided to LTI tool ("contentauthtest07.test") is not a valid email address.


    This effects instructors who requested Canvas test student accounts from Learn@UW that want to use them to test ACAR Storyline content.


    As of 11/26/18, this issue still exists.


    Contact the DoIT Help Desk to request that your test student account be updated to work with the Storyline ACAR solution. The test student's login needs to be updated to be in the form of a real or fake email (e.g.,