Help Desk – Reactivating DUO Mobile when Initial Setup Fails/is incomplete

This document will provide instructions for when an MFA-enabled user has partially set up DUO, but is not able to receive a DUO Push or get Passcodes using the DUO Mobile App. Usually this occurs when the user does not fully setup DUO initially (for example didn’t scan the QR code). If this issue is occurring, the user will also only be able to select ‘Enter a Passcode’ using a temporary bypass code generated by the Help Desk--they won’t have the option to send a push since their device was not fully activated.

Finishing Incomplete DUO Setup

  1. Navigate to and login with your NetID credentials.

  2. Click on Manage MFA Preferences and Devices.
    Click "Manage MFA Preferences and Devices" once       logged in.

    NOTE: if no devices have been properly setup, you may see the following:
    Click       "Register Smartphone or Tablet."
    If this is the case, click on Register Smartphone or Tablet.

  3. You will be prompted for a Passcode or Push.

    If you need to generate a temporary bypass code, call the Help Desk at 1(608)264-4357. They will need to verify your date of birth and Campus ID before generating a temporary bypass code for you.
  4. Within the MFA device management portal click on Device Options
    Click "Device Options."

  5. Click on (re-)Activate DUO Mobile (If no device is listed, you will instead be prompted to Start setup.)

    The button may say Activate DUO Mobile OR it may say Reactivate. Choose that button.

    Click on     "Reactivate Duo Mobile."
  6. Select the type of phone that the number is associated with and press Continue.
    Choose which     type of phone you own.

  7. If you have DUO installed, select "I have DUO Mobile Installed" otherwise download the DUO Mobile Application for your device if using the iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone options:

    • iOS/iPhone: Download the DUO Mobile App from the App Store.
    • Android: Download the DUO Mobile App from the Google Play Store.
    • Windows Phone: Download the DUO Mobile App from the Microsoft Store.

  8. Complete the instructions for the option you selected:

    1. Open the DUO App on your phone.
      Note: After opening the DUO app, you may be asked to accept notification and camera privileges. Click Allow if prompted.
    2. Tap the plus sign button.
    3. Scan the QR code on the screen.
    You have activated DUO!

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