L&S Short-term Staffing Requests

Instructions and general guidance for requesting short-term staff instructors in L&S . Last updated December 2023.

The term “STS” refers to short-term instructional staff beyond a department's Faculty and renewable Academic Staff instructors, and may refer to the following titles:

Please contact Cathy Yu in L&S Teaching & Learning Administration with questions.

Request process for STS

Requesting Academic Year STS

Academic year STS requests are reviewed as part of a department's overall instructional strategy and for technical reasons (e.g., percentage of appointment, title). STS positions are typically funded by 101 resources, however, they require approval through this process regardless of the funding source. L&S may ask for an updated copy of the Teaching Report while reviewing academic year STS requests.

Send the STS request via the Instructional Staffing Request form:

Requesting Summer Term STS

Next steps - HR

After STS approval, departments/programs may work with Human Resources on HR/payroll tasks:

STS rates and appointment levels


Standard rates for short-term staff are listed on the following KB page: L&S Standard Rates for Short-term Instructional Staff (STS) and Student Assistants

STS Appointment Levels

Appointment levels must be consistent with the teaching loads of renewable academic staff in the department:

  • Academic year: Most STS lecturers are 33.4% for one course. This appointment level is typical for a three-credit course with 50 or fewer students. A four-credit course (with the fourth hour being taught by the lecturer) is generally 40%.
  • Summer Term: See Guidance for Summer Sessions appointments in L&S for information on STS appointment levels in summer.

Lecturer (SA) appointment levels may be supplemented with professional development.

Appointment level requests not following these guidelines due to factors such as increased duties, significant TA supervision, a greater number of credits, or other unusual characteristics should be fully justified at the time of the request and will be ultimately approved by Academic Associate Dean.

STS Funding

Academic Year STS

The funding line for most 101 funded STS: 101-2 A48##04, where '##' is the department number from your unit's UDDS.

The funding string for each STS position is listed on the STS approval in Box (“48-#### STS”).

The STS budget sheet on the BSR includes itemized credits for one-time support from sources such as FIGs, Honors, Other Schools/Colleges, etc. You are strongly encouraged to review your STS budget sheet to understand the fiscal implications of your plan. Please contact Assistant Dean Mary Beth Roberts with questions regarding your STS budget sheet on the BSR.

Summer STS

The funding line for most STS during Summer Term : 131-2 A48##93, where '##' is the department number from your unit's UDDS.

Summer term STS are requested as part of a department's summer budget proposal. Summer STS, along with their exact funding strings, are listed on the Expense Details report in Box ("48-#### Summer").

Contacts for L&S Administration

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