L&S Teaching Assistant/Grader Staffing and Expenditure Plans

Each January, the College of Letters & Science begins a TA allocation and planning exercise for the upcoming academic year. As a part of that process, we request that each department with TAs and/or Graders complete a TA staffing and expenditure plan. This exercise is intended to help departments think about how best to deploy their TA and/or Grader resources, and will also help insure that plans are aligned with the department’s BSR.

TA/Grader Staffing Documents & Deadlines

Instructions for the TA & Grader Planning Spreadsheet

The planning spreadsheet is meant to be filled out in order. The list of courses on the ‘Dept Details’ worksheet will be referenced by the other worksheets.

1. Complete the information on the ‘Dept Details’ worksheet.
Update the worksheet with basic details at the top (department name, your name, etc.). 2. List your TA and Grader positions on the 'TAs & Graders' worksheet. 3. (Optional) Add additional information on the ‘Notes’ worksheet. This page can be used to explain the background of the TA positions or any other non-standard details, e.g., changes from previous years due to responses to enrollment patterns, new courses, etc.

4. Summary – Course. Please do not make changes; this page is informational only, and will display estimated salary costs by course.

5. Summary – Funding. Please do not make changes; this page is informational only, and will display estimated salary costs by funding type.

101 Funded TAs & Readers

Funding line for most 101 funded TAs and readers: 101-A48##71, where '##' is the department number from your unit's UDDS.

All 101-funded TA expenditures will be charged to the department’s TA budget sheet at the end of the fiscal year. Any overspending on that budget sheet will result in a one-time charge to the department’s tally sheet.

Recognizing that departments have received ongoing tally sheet credits intended to help cover the costs of enrollment expansion, we anticipate that some of these credits will be shifted to the TA budget sheet to offset permanent increases in TA spending.

If your department is receiving one-time support on fund 101 from sources such as FIGs, Honors, Other Schools/Colleges, etc., these credits will be itemized on your TA budget sheet. You are strongly encouraged to review your TA budget sheet to understand the fiscal implications of your plan. Please contact Assistant Dean Mary Beth Roberts with questions regarding your TA budget sheet on the BSR.

Approvals and Next Steps

Curricular Planning & Changes

The Course Guide entries must match your planning for enrollment limits and the structure and number of lab/discussion sections. Departments need to carefully monitor enrollments, both during the priority registration periods for the fall and spring semesters but also during the summer and January SOAR sessions. Within the approved expenditure plan, a department may reallocate resources between courses and semesters as needed. These changes will be captured by the TA Early Report. However, departments must contact Associate Dean Shirin Malekpour before making significant increases or decreases to your TA expenditures. This is necessary to discuss your planning in the context of course enrollments throughout the College.

HR/Personnel Steps

Please contact Associate Dean Shirin Malekpour if you are making any changes in appointment levels and workloads.

Departments may begin to work on their TA offer letters once the approval is confirmed. The most up to date template letters are available on the Gateway.

Please contact your STS/SA HR Rep for personnel issues related to TA and reader appointments.

Contacts for L&S Administration

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