L&S TA Early Report

This document guides you through the process of completing and submitting the TA Early Report for fall and spring semesters.

L&S TA Early Report

Each October and March, the College of Letters & Science asks for a report of all TAs that a department has payrolled for the semester.

Documents & Deadlines


Detailed Instructions for the TA Early Report
1. Departmental Details

At the top of the spreadsheet, indicate the following:
  • Department name
  • Your name
  • Date

2. List TAs, FAs, & UAs

  • Name (Last, First). TA name.
  • Course. Course Assignment
  • Appt Type. Indicate if the appointment is for a TA (teaching assistant), FA (faculty assistant) or UA (undergrad assistant).
  • Funding. This is a dropdown list, and is populated by the ‘Funding’ table at the bottom of the pae. Add rows to that table for additional funding sources.
  • Appt %. List the appointment % level.
  • C-Basis Rate. List the full-time, C-Basis / 9-month rate.
  • Gross Salary. This column is an automated calculation based on the ‘Appt %’ and ‘C-Basis rate’ fields. This calculation assumes that the appointment is semester-length.

3. Totals by Appt Type

This table on the form is informational only; do not make changes. It shows the headcount and salary cost by appointment type based on the 'List of TAs, FAs, & UAs' table.

4. Funding

  • This table includes some common funding sources (TA 101 budget sem 1, TA 101 budget sem 2, and summer revenue). 
  • You may add rows for other funding sources (e.g., 144 funding, departmental 131 funding). 
  • The ‘Salary’ column automatically calculates based on the ‘List of TAs, FAs, & UAs’ above.
5. Submission

  • Submit the reports via Box; upload to the “TA_Graduate” subfolder in your departmental “Teaching and Learning Administration” Box folder
  • Use the naming convention: Yourdepartmentname_EarlyReport_Fall 2019

Contacts for L&S Administration

Questions about filling out the TA Early Reports should be directed to Brian Bubenzer, brian.bubenzer@wisc.edu

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