Bursar / Bursars Office

Web https://bursar.wisc.edu/

Email tuition@bussvc.wisc.edu

(608) 262-3611 -- Bursars Office/ Student Accounts

Fax (608) 265-3201

Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
*For staff development, on Wednesdays the customer service window may not open until 9:15 AM

333 East Campus Mall #10501
Madison, WI 53715-1383
(Important to use the entire ZIP+4 code)

Common Functions

  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Check Pickup
  • Key Deposits
  • Student Account Information
  • Late Payment Fees, Appeals, Refunds
  • Tuition/Fees Billing Schedule, Payment, and Deadline Info
  • Exit Interview Information
  • Loan Deferment and Cancellation Information
  • Short-term Loan Processing and Disbursement
  • Student Loan Promissory Note, Billings, and Collection
The Student Loan Section of the Bursar's Office (stuloans@bussvc.wisc.edu) also performs exit interviews for students graduating with certain types of loan debt. Tuition checks should be made out to UW-Madison.