Data Center Access Categories

Categories of Data Center Access and procedures for obtaining them.

Permanent Access
Long Term Access
Short Term Access
Escort-Only Access
Tour Access
Office Access

Permanent Access

Permanent access is approved for UW-Madison DoIT staff when job duties require access to DoIT data centers.

Long-Term Access

Long-Term Access is generally granted to vendors who have annual support contracts to perform routine and emergency support of hardware and software used in DoIT data centers.

Short-Term Access

Short-Term access is generally assigned to those who only require data center access for short-term project work.

Short-term badges can sometimes be issued as temporary replacements to previously-approved individuals who currently don't have their assigned badge or are in the process of replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged badge.

Escort-Only Access

Escort-only access is generally for co-location customers, contractors, or vendors who have not been approved for short- or long-term access. This is typically for situations where less than one day of work needs to be performed. The work will be monitored at all times by a Data Center Access Control-approved escort.

Tour Access

Tours of a DoIT data center are granted under limited circumstances. Tours are for educational purposes and are for viewing only.

SEO Staff Offices Access (B332)

Access will be maintained at the level defined in Permanent Access section.