Microsoft 365 - Use Manifest email groups to moderate email messages

This document will explain how to start using a Manifest email group to moderate messages sent to the distribution list.

What is a Manifest email group?

A Manifest email group is a mail-enabled security group that allows you to automate the process for assigning and managing multiple permissions for a service.

How can I get started?

See below for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Create a Manifest email group

Office 365 - Use of Security Groups to Manage Permissions.

Once you receive an Office 365 Security Group, you can start moderating email sent to the Manifest group's UUID . The UUID is the email address of your mail-enabled security group. It is a numeric string and ends with a domain.

Example UUID/email address:

The display name for this email address will be the name of the Manifest Group you created.

Example Manifest Group name/display name:

Step 2: Request to be a moderator

Contact the DoIT Help Desk and request to be a moderator for your group. Please include the name of your Manifest Group when making this request.

Step 3: Begin moderating

Types of moderationInternal

Internal collaborators are individuals who send from the following email address:

      • (ex:
      • (ex:

Internal collaborators who email your group’s UUID, will see a default out of office message towards the top of the composed message.


When an internal collaborator emails your group's UUID, you will receive an email notification to either approve or reject their email message.


approve or reject email response

      • Approve
        If you approve their message, their message will be sent and the internal collaborator will not receive a confirmation that their message was approved.

      • Reject
        If you reject their message, their message will not be sent and the internal collaborator will receive a message stating their email was rejected by the moderator. When rejecting their message, you will have the option to edit the rejection and explain why their message is being rejected.

Moderator's response
reject response action

Message to internal collaborator
reject response action

update your email address per moderator request


Currently, individuals outside of UW-Madison cannot send email to your Manifest email group. If external users try to email your group, they will receive the error message, "Address not found". This includes sending as an internal email address via a web form or any other means. Development is in progress to allow external collaborators to send email to your Manifest email group.

Error message
rejected email message

Get Help

If you need further support, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.

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