Canvas Commons - Requesting and Managing a Group [UW-Madison]

This document describes how UW-Madison instructors can request and manage Canvas Commons groups.

    A Canvas Commons group can be used to share course resources with a set of colleagues. Groups are useful when you want to share a course within a team or department but do not want to release it to the wider UW-Madison population.

    Requesting a Group

    Groups can only be created by a Canvas Commons administrator. To request a new group:

    An administrator will respond within two business days to set up your group or to request additional information.

    Once your group is created, you will be designated as a group manager.

    Managing a Group

    As a group manager, you can add new members to your group and assign other group Managers.

    See "How do I manage Groups in Commons?" for steps to create new group members, add additional group managers, or perform other group management functions.

    Note that users must log into Canvas Commons at least once before you can add them to your group. If you are unable to add a colleague to your group, confirm that they have opened Commons by logging into Canvas and selecting the Commons navigation icon.

    Requesting Group Manager Rights

    You will be made a group manager for any new Canvas Commons group that you request.

    To become a manager for an existing Canvas Commons group, contact a current manager for the group. If you do not know who the current managers for your group are, contact the DoIT Help Desk. The Help Desk will route your request to a Canvas Commons administrator.

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